The Tim Zimmermann video course
Take the lead of your success and make the most out of your sports career
You want to make out the most of your sports career?
You want to take the lead of your success in sports?
You are always on the hunt for sponsors and partners?
You want to succeed without an external management?

You can manage all of this
with my new video coaching

Tim Zimmermann ist not only a successful race driver – he finances his sport on his own with his own company. He runs his own business for six years to finance his career in Europe and Asia. Without any management collecting the proceeds but with the right strategy. Now he wants to share these strategy with you to make the most out of your sport.

Within his several videos he doesn’t give you a sample solution to find many sponsors. He just helps you to find a way to convince the CEOs to enter a partnership with you. As well you can find many samples and instructions in the download area. You are just one click away to hear about Tim Zimmermann’s way into the CEO’s offices.

You want…

…financial security?
…clarity regarding all of your activities?
…to find your value?
…use your sources effectively?

So go and get my new video coaching Sponsor-Pro!

Believe in your success and take your career to the next level!

That’s what my race driver colleagues say

Dennis MArschall

(ADAC GT Masters)

Mikkel Jensen

(BMW Motorsport Werksfahrer)

Sheldon van der Linde

(BMW DTM Pilot)